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GPRS Based Bus Shelter Display Boards
Bus shelter Display Boards are available in Single and Multi-colored dimensions to suit the ambience, in various sizes designed according to the customer requirements, styles, languages and effects for displaying the Information/Messages. These display boards can be fetch the data from any FTP Site through inbuilt GPRS Modem. The data is stored into the EPROM's. When the display is ON, the board gets the data from the EPROM and displays onto the display boards.

The display is based on GPRS technology and receives expected arrival time of Bus on Bus Stop from a central server installed at Remote Location.
  • Display live information about bus with Expected Arrival time & Bus Route No.
  • No manual intervention to display live data about approaching bus.
  • Display Slogans as well as the bus information after particular intervals.
  • 2", 4", 6", 8" And 16" Character Sizes.
  • 16 (Row) x 96, 192, 256, 400 (Column) Display.
  • 5mm (Round), 5mm (Oval), 1206 package SMD LED.
  • Indoor, Semi Outdoor, Outdoor Day Visible.
  • High Resolution Readability.
  • Single, Double or Multiple Line Display.
  • Gang able: Multiple Displays can show the same data or individual data.
  • High Quality MS Powder Coated Casing.
  • Environment: Temperature 0 Deg Cent to 50 Deg Cent, Humidity 0% to 95% non-Condensing.
  • Require Power Input 220 V +/- 10 %, 50 Hz.
  • Control Technology: 8 Bit Micro - Controller
  • Interface Communication: Through GPRS technology.

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